• Rustic Hot Cross Buns

    Rustic hot cross buns to warm your Easter Sunday.
  • On Sundays... we bake Greek Spinach Pie

    On Sunday we like to stay home which means we have time to enjoy making our favourite foods and let our tweens be masters of the kitchen. It's usually fun, very messy and mostly delicious...
  • The joy of a hand made object.


    The joy of a hand made object.

    I have always been a big fan of hand made, from making my own things to sourcing others. And for me it has to start on the table, a slightly off centre bowl and beautifully hand thrown plate, nothing beats it.

    Tine K Home stunning ceramics are a really nice place to start. Danish designer Tine K has managed to blend country simplicity into an urban setting. Her bowls, cups and plates are made with laid back sentiment and a nod towards Scandinavian cool.

    The cooler months in Australia are a perfect time to recreate some Scandi style. Think cosy dinners with friends and tables laden with all things good and dreamy. Start with a textured place mat in jute and then layer neutral ceramics and include antique silverware. Centrepieces with candle votives and branches (sourced from your local park) and a bit of silver will add to the mood.  Less is definitely more don’t forget you can always take away from your centrepiece if it is too much. Don’t forget to add some interesting found objects ideally with a bit of history.

    As Tine K herself says “It is the contrast between light and dark which creates the style and atmosphere. Often, the dark colors come from old objects, furniture and carpets from the East. I like pieces that have history, that are handmade and different, and that I can’t usually find in Denmark.”

  • One Sunday Blog

    Everyone loves a wedding and this wedding is not one to be missed. Muriel’s Wedding the film is a hard act to follow and the Sydney Theatre Company’s Muriel’s Wedding the Musical has achieved quite possibly the unachieveable. MOVE OVER PRISCILLA. Muriel is a story for anyone who has ever felt ugly, outcast, downtrodden or hard done by, so automatically, a strong following seems likely. This is a classic Aussie tale of trading others’ misfortune to build one’s own self-worth. The truth is ugly, but it’s still the truth.