One Sunday

One Sunday was conceived out of a love of clothing that is well and thoughtfully made. In 2009 designer Henrietta Cheshire saw a gap in the girls wear market for age-appropriate clothing, so she decided to start her own range. Since then she has been producing a range of clothing for girls aged eight to sixteen with a classic sensibility, a bit of an edge and a nod towards European fine detail. One Sunday specialises in dresses for special occasions such as weddings, school graduations and formal parties. 
One Sunday’s clothes are ethically produced, sweatshop-free and made in Sydney, Australia. One Sunday clothes are wearable and comfortable and will last more than one season and if necessary, more than one child.
In 2018 One Sunday introduced 'Second time Sunday' which gives One Sunday customers the opportunity to resell One Sunday clothes and earn One Sunday dollars. 'Second time Sunday' is a demonstration of the label's commitment to the environment and sustainability.